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Seed Production Services

Quality Production From Start to Finish


Seed Corn Production

The Central Sands region of Wisconsin is a great location for quality seed corn production.  Every acre of production is under irrigation, rotated annually, and the sandy soils allows us to ensure split plantings go in on time.  Between our own land and working with local growers, we are able to flex our acres needs and ensure we have isolated fields to prevent contamination from foreign pollen.  We grow conventional, traited, and organic seed corn.  We also grow seed that is certified for sale in Canada.

Organic Production

DSP is one of the largest organic farms in the state of Wisconsin.  Along with organic seed corn production, we also grow soybeans (grain and seed), peas, snap beans, sweet corn, and cucumbers for various canning companies.  We have been MOSA certified since 2014 and take care of following all MOSA and USDA guidelines for organic production.


Organic Conditioning

In 2019, we started offering our customers organic conditioning services for seed corn, soybeans, and small grains at our DSP-Kindschi's location.  This seed conditioning facility is setup with color sorters, tube conveyors, organic seed treater, and bagging options (paper bags, mini bulks, pro boxes).  This facility is also approved by MOSA

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